2019 Season Tickets

Updated 16th May 2019 



We asked the question, and after an overwhelming response, we can now confirm that we'll be offering HALF SEASON TICKETS imminently. Here's the information: 

Half Season Tickets will be available for Regular Seat and Standing price bands only. They will cover the 6 scheduled Electric Ballroom shows as follows: 

June 30th 
July 28th
August 25th 
October 27th 
November 24th 
December 30th 

Note: it does NOT include the NPS6 event in Camden on Sept 14th, or Chapter 95 at Alexandra Palace on Sept 15th. 

The price for a Regular Seat HST will be £162; for a Standing HST £132. 

We'll still have half the capacity in each price band (Front / Gold / Regular / Standing) available to buy when tickets go on sale for individual shows. 

Other useful information is covered further down this post - other benefits to ST holders, what to do if you can't make a show, what the process is if we have to change a show date, etc. 

Half Season Tickets go on sale at 12noon, 20th May and will remain on sale until the end of May. Our intention is to get season ticket cards to new HST holders before or at the 30th June event. 

IMPORTANT: please make sure that the address you supply during checkout is the address that you want the Season Ticket sent to! We pull the shipping data from our order sheet so if it's wrong, your ST will go to the wrong place. 




Season Tickets are now on general sale; the window to purchase runs until the end of October, or until they're all gone, whichever comes earlier. 


Prices for Electric Ballroom season tickets for 2019 are as follows:
Front Row £431
Gold £392
Reg £353
Standing £288

We know they’re up a bit on 2018; partly because of the show by show increase in price, but also because the 2019 Season Ticket includes an extra show - the now annual tradition of Unboxing Live in December. So next year, you get 13 shows instead of 12; this includes all three days of the Super Strong Style 16 tournament at Alexandra Palace in May as well.


We get asked to offer a payment plan at this time every year, when Season Tickets go on sale. We understand that it's a big chunk of money... but sadly we're not in a position where we can do that at this stage! 

HOWEVER - we process our payments through Paypal, and they offer Paypal Credit with 0% interest. You get an instant decision when you apply; if this is something that you want to use, our recommendation is to apply IN ADVANCE of the Season Tickets going on sale.
This is not an endorsement of Paypal Credit and you should obviously do your own research! 


Here’s the dates that the Season Ticket covers:

January 27th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
February 24th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
March 31st - Electric Ballroom, Camden
May 4th-6th - Alexandra Palace
May 26th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
June 30th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
July 28th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
August 25th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
October 27th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
November 24th - Electric Ballroom, Camden
December 30th - Electric Ballroom, Camden


This is how the Ballroom price bands translate to Alexandra Palace for SSS16:
Row 1 ST = Row 1 in Alexandra Palace 
Row 2/3 ST = Rows 2-6 in Alexandra Palace 
Row 4 back ST = Rows 7-12 in Alexandra Palace 
Standing ST = Row 13 back in Alexandra Palace 


As in previous years, Season Ticket holders get early access to select other events, and 10% off at-show merchandise purchases. You'll get a delivery in early January with your Season Ticket card, a card wallet to keep it in, and your SSS16 tickets. 


We understand that committing to dates this far ahead can be difficult - personal circumstances change, maybe a new job that means you have to work on Sundays, whatever. If you can't make a show, all you need to do is email us once that show is sold out, and we'll send you an e-ticket that you can list for resale on Twickets.


​We know that we’ve had to move a couple of Sunday shows this year, due to NXT UK date clashes which would have seen us lose a large percentage of our roster. 

Here's the thing - we can’t guarantee that this won’t happen again. If there's a date clash with NXT UK, chances are that our show will be rescheduled.
What we can do is this - if a show date moves, you can request a resale voucher for that show as soon as it goes on sale. You won’t have to wait until it sells out. Whilst we know the majority of season ticket holders have been able to make the rescheduled shows, we want to make sure that we look after those who can’t. 

Fingers crossed that most shows will remain unaffected but again, we can’t guarantee that at this point, and we know people are keen to purchase their season tickets as early as they can. 

We wanted to make sure that we are as up front about EVERYTHING with you all before Season Tickets go on sale.

So: if you’re renewing your Season Ticket for 2019 or becoming a new Season Ticket holder, thank you very much. If the pricing or date issues give you reason to not renew then we totally understand, and hope we see you at individual shows instead. We appreciate that everyone’s situation is different and believe us, we hate having to make difficult decisions. And we appreciate everyone who supports us, whether they come to one show a year or every single one. 

We do promise to keep putting on great shows though, and we’ll do everything we can to reward your support over the last six and a half years. With a crowd like you guys, all we want to do is give you the very best that we can. 

Thanks for reading 
Jim, Jon and Glen