2019 Ticket Prices

We absolutely hate having to put prices up but for the first time since July 2017, we’re having to do so. As we like to be transparent, here’s why. It works out at £2 per ticket per show, but we understand why people may have looked at the Season Ticket prices and been worried. 

So. We have to push prices up a little as:

1: Most wrestlers on our roster are, quite rightly, earning more for their hard work than they did a year ago. This is universally deserved, too. 

2: Venue hire, seat hire and other genuinely boring things like inflation mean we do, from time to time, have to tweak our prices. And we absolutely know it sucks. 

3: We’ve always been run as a viable business and the shows have to pay for themselves; this is unfortunately the only way for us to ensure that we can keep putting on the very best shows with the very best talent. Again, we know not everyone is flush with money so this is a very tough thing for us to have to do. 

Just like the last time we changed prices, we won’t now change them again for at least a year. Also, Demand PROGRESS will stay at the same price; tickets sold directly by us will continue to be free of booking fees, and we'll keep merchandise as affordable as we can. We know we can’t do this without you guys so we’re sorry about this price rise but it is, unfortunately, necessary to keep our company running at the level that we do. 

So with all that said - from the start of 2019, ticket prices will be:
Front Row £32 (inc stage front row where applicable) 
Row 2/3 £29 
All other seating £26
Standing £21 

These prices apply to all 'regular' Chapter shows across the country (ie Electric Ballroom, O2 Academy venues, any others that we might go to that we would classify as 'regular').