Be a part of Chapter 41... even if you can't be there

If you're not one of the 700 Ultras packing out the Electric Ballroom tonight... we'll be doing a few bits and pieces throughout the day to give you a taste of what's happening. 

Chapter 41 Pre-Show on FACEBOOK LIVE
Join commentators RJ Singh and Glen Joseph at approx 3.15pm for the live pre-show. Obviously because it's a mystery card, they won't be previewing matches... but they'd love to hear from you about what you hope to see at the show, and talk through the myriad of situations we could find ourselves in at the end of the night! at approx 3.15pm 

The start of the show on PERISCOPE
The one thing we do know is happening will be Jim starting things off to the strains of Metallica. Tune in and check it out at (or search for ThisIs_Progress in the Periscope app).

We'll stream one match in full on FACEBOOK LIVE
One of the matches in the first half of the show will be streamed live, for free. Keep an eye on our social media feeds through the day and we'll let you know when to tune in. Yes we know that's a bit vague, but it's a mystery show :-) anytime from 6.10pm - check Facebook from 4pm for an accurate tune-in time.

Hope you can tune in for some or all of our streaming plans (which are, of course, signal dependent). And whether you can or you can't, we wish you a very happy new year and we'll see you in 2017.