Chapter 101 - Show Preview

The full card for the first show in a new, Smallman-less era of PROGRESS is now set for Chapter 101: Dalmatians, and we return to our home at the historic Electric Ballroom in Camden to kick 2020 off in style.

Firstly, though - tickets for this show will be available until 1pm on Sunday (subject to availability of course). There will be no cash door sales.
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Eddie Dennis (c) vs Cara Noir - Unified World Title Match
Since shocking the packed house at Alexandra Palace back in September to cash in his title match contract and steal the title away from both WALTER and David Starr in the main event of Chapter 95, Eddie Dennis has ruled atop the PROGRESS mountain with Mark Andrews by his side. His first title defence, against the wronged Starr, was successful; his second, against a surprise opponent in The O.J.M.O. at Unboxing 4, equally so. 
For his part, Cara Noir has been on a tear since debuting in PROGRESS just the day before Dennis cashed in to become champion. After coming out on top in a classic series of matches against Ilja Dragunov, PROGRESS management decided that the Black Swan had earned an an opportunity to take his own place at the top of the tree. 
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Paul Robinson (c) vs A-Kid - Proteus Title Match
Paul Robinson is the inaugural Proteus champion, a title which allows the champion to set his or her own rules for title defences when they win the title; those rules are then set for the duration of their title reign. Having overcome 29 other people in PROGRESS's first ever Rumble match at Chapter 95 to win the title, Robinson chose to make his opponents "knock me out or tap me out" to defeat him (ie, knockout or submission only). Since then, Robbo has overcome Travis Banks, William Eaver, Chris Ridgeway and Timothy Thatcher to retain the belt; although he did suffer his first loss in a non-title four way match at Unboxing 4 in December.
A-Kid won wXw's Ambition tournament in 2019 - an entire tournament conducted under pretty much exactly the rules that Robinson has chosen for his Proteus title defences. Robinson has overcome submission specialists already in his title reign; can he retain against a proven winner in such an environment? 

Jinny (c) vs Mercedez Blaze - Women's Title Match
This is Jinny's first title defence since beating Meiko Satomura for the belt in a fantastic match back in December. She was scheduled to defend the title at Unboxing 4; unfortunately her opponent Toni Storm was declared not well enough to compete just half an hour before the show was due to start. Jinny instead took the opportunity to talk to the sold-out crowd about how she intends to make the Women's Division a focal point in 2020. Watch that promo here.
In the absence of an established Number One Contender, and wanting to ensure that the Women's Title was defended more regularly than in 2019, PROGRESS management decided to award an opportunity to Mercedez Blaze, who impressed hugely during the show-opening tag team match at Unboxing 4. This will be Blaze's second appearance on a PROGRESS show and she could, potentially walk away with the gold in what would admittedly be a huge shock. 

Mark Andrews vs Ilja Dragunov
This will be an absolute banger. Both men have been on fire over the last few months - Dragunov when competing with Cara Noir, Andrews as Eddie Dennis's wingman and tag team partner in FSU. No further hype required here! 

Do Not Resuscitate (Trivet, Duggan, and Eaver) vs Destination Everywhere (The O.J.MO. and The N.I.C.)
The battle for supremacy between these two groups of hungry up-and-comers has been bubbling away since last summer. DNR leader Spike Trivet has ousted Chuck Mambo from the group and replaced him with Danny Duggan and Pretty Deadly; Destination Everywhere (The O.J.M.O., Connor Mills and The N.I.C.) came together to combat DNR's disruption tactics but have found themselves on the wrong end of a beatdown on more than one occasion since then. This six-man tag presents Destination Everywhere to even things up a little as we enter a new year; DNR will be keen to maintain their psychological advantage. 

Pretty Deadly vs More Than Hype
More Than Hype debuted for PROGRESS in Newcastle last summer, coming out on top of a six-man war with Do Not Resuscitate... the group of which Pretty Deadly are now part. That victory came when Chuck Mambo was caught using a chair to attack MTH (a mistake which doubtless played into Trivet's decision to kick Mambo out of the group). MTH will want to win on their own terms this time.
The undefeated Pretty Deadly hit out at PROGRESS management's recent decision to award a tag team title shot to the Anti Fun Police; they'll want to further their own case with a 4th consecutive win.

Kyle Fletcher vs LJ Cleary

Last but certainly not least, Kyle Fletcher finds himself in the singles division now that his Aussie Open tag team partner, Mark Davis, is long-term injured. Fletcher debuted a new look and attitude at Unboxing 4, but ended up on the wrong end of a Torpedo Moscow from Ilja Dragunov. Fletcher will be looking to right that wrong and take a step forward as a singles competitor. 
LJ Cleary is part of the More Than Hype trio and an up-and-coming star in his native Ireland. Cleary picked up a win back in July over the disgraced Chuck Mambo (see above, that loss presumably is another reason that DNR leader Spike Trivet lost patience with Mambo) and another win here could propel him towards the Unified World Title. 

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