Chapter 102 - Show Preview

The full card for our debut show in Cardiff is now finalised and all four titles are on the line. Chapter 102: Bang Tidy is this Sunday, we're hyped to come to the Welsh capital and see what happens... 

Firstly, though - tickets for this show will be available until 2pm on Sunday (subject to availability of course). There will be no cash door sales.
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Cara Noir (c) vs Chris Brookes - World Title Match
Cara Noir prevailed in a four-way match for the vacant World Title at Chapter 101 (defeating Dragunov, Fletcher and Robinson) after Eddie Dennis had to vacate the title due to injury.
This past week, things rather escalated on social media between an embittered Chris Brookes and PROGRESS Management, all of which has led to this World Title match being made. 
Cara Noir arguably wouldn't be in PROGRESS at all if not for Brookes nominating him for the Natural Progression Series event back in September; as part of that Twitter melee, Cara Noir asked for a match against Brookes 
For his part, Brookes is due to leave for Japan in a few weeks...  clearly embittered, the ultimate Fuck You to PROGRESS would be to take the championship with him. 
THREAD: how things escalated this week

Paul Robinson (c) vs Danny Jones - Proteus Title Match
Paul Robinson is the inaugural Proteus champion, a title which allows the champion to set his or her own rules for title defences when they win the title; those rules are then set for the duration of their title reign. Having overcome 29 other people in PROGRESS's first ever Rumble match at Chapter 95 to win the title, Robinson chose to make his opponents "knock me out or tap me out" to defeat him (ie, knockout or submission only). Since then, Robbo has overcome Travis Banks, William Eaver, Chris Ridgeway, Timothy Thatcher, and most recently A-Kid to retain the belt; although he did come up short in the four-way World Title match at Chapter 101. 
Danny Jones is a rare combination of size, power, athleticism and genuine strong-style sensibilities... the young Welshman recently returned from a second stint with All Japan Pro Wrestling and hits as hard as they come. 

Jinny (c) vs Dani Luna vs Gisele Shaw - Women's Title Match
Luna vs Shaw was the first match announced for this card. Having overcome Mercedez Blaze at Chapter 101, Jinny once again took the mic and declared that she would be a fighting champion, and requested to be put into the match, making it a triple threat for the title. 
What happened next is that Jinny was blindsided by Millie McKenzie and Charli Evans, aka the Medusa Complex, who beat the tar out of the champion to the extent that she had to be helped out of the ring. 
Medusa Complex then released this video during the week
All of which means that not only is Jinny now in a match where she doesn't have to get pinned to lose the title, but she also has the spectre of two violent, remorseless and driven young women over her shoulder. 

Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis vs The Anti Fun Police - Tag Team Titles Match
This will be the first title defence since Devlin and Davis overcame Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, visiting PROGRESS from NXT and 205 Live back at the end of November. Devlin in particular has had a mad few days, winning the NXT Cruiserweight title at Worlds Collide this past weekend. 
The AFP were awarded this title opportunity (much to the chagrin of the undefeated Pretty Deadly) after pulling out a big win over the Grizzled Young Veterans in Sheffield this December, cemented by Chief Deputy Dunne being victorious in the first ever Reverse Battle Royal at Chapter 100. 
Although AFP haven't been the most consistent tag team in PROGRESS, a win on home soil would surely take the roof off Tramshed... 

Mark Andrews vs Ilja Dragunov

This is a rematch from Chapter 101, in which Dragunov pinned Andrews inside 10 seconds. That doesn't tell the entire story though... Andrews's FSU teammate Eddie Dennis had just vacated the World Title and wanted to award it to Andrews; Andrews was in full celebration mode (party poppers and everything) until host Matt Richards informed FSU that the title would remain vacant and be decided in a four-way main event match for which the participants would be decided from the winners of the scheduled singles matches on that card. 
Out comes Ilja Dragunov, hits Torpedo Moscow, 1-2-3. 
Andrews then released this video claiming that he wasn't ready and that Dragunov couldn't beat him in a fair fight. PROGRESS Management booked the rematch, and one imagines that whoever comes out on top will be pushing hard for a World Title match in the near future. 

Chris Ridgeway vs Elijah
Ridgeway's appearances in PROGRESS have been sporadic over the last 9 months as the MMA-influenced grappler has spent most of his time in Japan with NOAH - in fact, Ridgeway now calls Tokyo home and is just visiting the UK between tours. 
Elijah makes his PROGRESS debut, having made waves across the Welsh and South West scene recently - notably Attack, Dragon Pro and Chaos. 
Excited to see these two knock lumps out of each other! 

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