Chapter 91 - the full card

Chapter 91 - the full card

The full card for Chapter 91: Prog On The Tyne is now out... and we can't wait to get to Newcastle on Saturday 

Tickets are off sale via our site, but you can still pick them up online HERE or there will be a limited amount available on the door. 

WALTER vs Eddie Kingston - Unified World Title Match
WALTER let it be known to PROGRESS Management last weekend that he wants to wrestle Eddie Kingston this year; we put this match to Kingston and he agreed, on the condition that the title was on the line. And who are we to argue with the Ring General and the Murder King? 

Devlin was this year's beaten SSS16 finalist and picked up a big win and momentum last Sunday to head into this match full of confidence. Dragunov was many peoples' favourite for the tournament but came up short in the semi finals. Put simply, these two have the best claim to a title shot of anyone in PROGRESS right now. One of them will go on to challenge the champion (whoever that is after this show)... and Devlin's more focussed than we've ever seen him.

Starr has been noticeably quiet regarding when he wants to take his SSS16-earned title match... even given that he came out on the winning side in last week's tag team match vs WALTER and Shigehiro Irie and pinned Irie while staring the Ring General down. In Newcastle, the Product faces off with one of Canada's brightest independent stars, Brent Banks, looking to build on Chapter 90's excellent debut match with Jordan Devlin. 

Robinson is a feral animal of a wrestler and has big wins over Havoc and Connor Mills in his last two matches. Primate is another feral animal, returns to PROGRESS for the first time in forever and makes his singles Chapter debut this Saturday in his hometown. This could get... violent. 

Holidead turned up in PROGRESS a week early and laid waste to both Candy Floss and Lana Austin - watch what happened here. Candy gets her chance at payback this Saturday in Newcastle; Lana gets the same opportunity in Manchester this Sunday. Holidead is off-the-scale crazy and brings an element of total chaos to any show she's on - see what we mean here.

Mills just can't buy a win in PROGRESS right now. Another strong showing at Chapter 90 vs Paul Robinson led to another frustrating loss. Saturday may be even tougher as he faces Jurn Simmons, back in PROGRESS for the first time in 2 years (his last match was vs Matt Riddle for the Atlas title in 2017). Can Mills get the win he desperately wants and needs? 

More Than Hype are a trio from Dublin who've been making big waves in the resurgent Irish indie scene, and are coming into PROGRESS looking to make a big impression. Do Not Resuscitate need no real introduction - now 3 members since the departure of Drew Parker to Japan, still with a huge chip on their collective shoulders and having failed to get the job done over the so-called 'dinosaurs' at Alexandra Palace in May, what's next for the enfant terribles of PROGRESS?