Chapter 94 - The Full Card

The full card for Chapter 94: Physician, Heal Thyself has now been announced... and the final stop on the road to Alexandra Palace will see several things slot into place, especially within the various title pictures. 

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Semi Final 1: Chakara vs Candy Floss
Long-time frenemies, Candy Floss and Chakara have been frequent opponents since breaking into the independent scene at the same time. Candy Floss has been seen more recently in PROGRESS, getting the better of Lana Austin in June before Holidead turned up and ruined things for both of them.
Chakara hasn't been seen since the dissolution of the House of Couture; with Jinny not seen since May, this could be Chakara's opportunity to step out of that shadow and start to carve her own niche in PROGRESS.  

Semi Final 2: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Dani Luna
Jordynne Grace has rarely been seen in a PROGRESS ring here in the UK, although has frequently defended her title overseas during her 8-month title reign. Her most recent title defence, vs Alexia Nicole in Toronto, can be viewed on Demand PROGRESS. Unusually, the champion enters the title tournament, and just to spice things up she'll defend in every match she has.
Dani Luna earned her spot in this tournament by picking up a debut win at Chapter 93; can the prospect of walking out of the Ballroom as Women's Champion get her over the line vs arguably the most dominant Women's champion we've ever seen? 

Final: ??? vs ??? 
Whoever walks out of this main event as champion, walks into Alexandra Palace on 15th September to defend the title against Meiko Satomura. Tasty. 

Aussie Open vs Do Not Resuscitate 
DNR are on a roll, picking up 2 wins in their last 2 matches. They're also recruiting, although Spike Trivet failed to convince The O.J.M.O. to join their ranks at Chapter 93. 
Aussie Open, for their part, lost the tag titles in July to the returning Grizzled Young Veterans, having only recently regained them from the Swords of Essex this Spring. 
The Australians have the pedigree; DNR have the numbers and maybe the cunning to earn their way to Chapter 95.
Whoever wins this one, challenges GYV at Alexandra Palace for the tag titles. 

Chris Brookes vs Eddie Kingston 
Eddie Kingston said he'd be back to get revenge on Chris Brookes and Jon Gresham after taking a countout loss to Gresham at Chapter 92; his buddies LAX had already promised to come back to London and do the same after a countout loss to CCK back in March. With Lucky Kid being welcomed into the CCK fold at Chapter 93, that 6-man tag match has been made for Saturday 14th September at the Natural Progression Series event. 
A big match needs a big stipulation... and what better way to do it than to put 1/3 of each team in the ring and let them slug it out for the right to choose that stip? 

Paul Robinson vs Lucky Kid
A rematch from Chapter 93, Lucky Kid sought safety in numbers by joining CCK after Robinson had elected to use him as a human punchbag whilst addressing, well, everyone. 
Lucky wasn't prepared to let things go, saying that he was coming for Robinson... so we put some spice on it by making the rematch a First And Final decider for Alexandra Palace's Proteus Title Rumble match. The winner enters the rumble last; the loser enters first. Will Robinson's actions come back to haunt him this Sunday, or will he put Lucky away once again and force CCK's newest member to fight for our new title from the start of the Rumble match?

South Pacific Power Trip vs Anti Fun Police 
Things are not rosy in SPPT's world. The trio nearly came to blows at Chapter 92 after miscommunication put paid to their tag title aspirations; and at Chapter 93, after Travis Banks's loss to Rickey Shane Page, it was a similar story. 
With Banks absent on NXT UK duty, TK Cooper and NIWA will be fired up to prove a point this Sunday. 
The Anti-Fun Police are back in PROGRESS for the first time since March, having been seconded to other police stations around the UK to stop fans having too much fun at wrestling shows. With neither team in direct contention for a tag team title shot right now, both will want to pick up a win here to put themselves next in line.