Club PROGRESS update w/r/t Coronavirus cancellations

In the wake of Coronavirus cancellations, Club PROGRESS members will automatically have their membership extended to include the first 3 Electric Ballroom shows of 2021. Provisional dates for those are Jan 24, Feb 28, and March 28, 2021. 

These three events in 2021 will replace the two cancelled shows scheduled for March 29 and April 20, plus an event originally scheduled for August 30 - which is now part of Super Strong Style 16 weekend at Alexandra Palace. 

Additionally, the event scheduled for October 25 has been cancelled (this is due to the rescheduled NXT UK TakeOver Dublin, the original date for which in itself caused a PROGRESS date change this April due to PROGRESS management also working as producers at NXT UK). 
To replace this show, we are adding a SECOND Unboxing Live show on December 29, making 2020 the first time that we have ever held a two-night mystery 'weekender' (it's a Tuesday and Wednesday but you know what we mean). 

All current Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze members now have the new dates: Dec 29, Jan 24, Feb 28, March 28 included in their 2020 membership. World members will have their 2020 membership extended in line with the other membership tiers and any applicable non-London show presales will be included if they fall within that window.