FAQ and Info for Chapter 47 (23rd April, London)

We're back this weekend! Our first UK show in what seems like forever, CHAPTER 47: COMPLICATED SIMPLICITY is this Sunday, and we can't wait to get back on the horse!

Please be aware that on a show day, we're incredibly busy and almost certainly won't have time to answer queries, so we suggest that you head to the PROGRESS Fan Group where someone should be able to help you.


The Electric Ballroom, 184 Camden High Street, London NW1 8QP. Map.


Your ticket guarantees your place in the relevant section, but not a specific seat.

You will need your e-ticket to get into the show,
 either printed or on your phone. Printed is better because it scans more easily. Nothing else will be accepted - no payment receipts, no screenshots of a receipt. 
If you haven't got your ticket, you can resend it to yourself right here

Our system issues one e-ticket regardless of how many actual tickets were purchased. If you have more than 1 ticket and your group isn't coming in at the same time - please make sure that every person coming in has the barcode to scan. Again - printed is better, but a screengrab on your phone will be OK.

Season Ticket Holders - if at all possible please have your card with you so that the door staff don't have to check down the list of names. If you don't have your card, you'll still be able to get in, but be prepared for a small delay while the door list is checked.


If you have a seated ticket, you'll find the seats are colour-coded according to ticket tier. 
Front Row seats have a white band; 
Gold seats are Rows 2 and 3. They will have a gold band on; 
Silver seats are Rows 4 and 5. They will have a silver band on; 
Regular seats are anything from Row 6 back. They will have a purple band on. 

It really helps us if you know what kind of ticket you've bought, and that you sit in the right area. The show is sold out, so if there is someone sitting in the wrong place, that means someone else isn't in the seat that they paid for.


The Electric Ballroom is a very short walk from Camden Town tube station. Take the right-hand exit as you come up the escalators, turn right, and walk for about 50 yards. 

Please be aware that there are a couple of large sports events happening this Sunday, which may affect travel and traffic: 
- The London Marathon doesn't come particularly close to Camden and will be coming to a close in the early afternoon, but there will be a number of people leaving the route throughout the day. 
- Arsenal are playing at home with a 3pm kick off. 

In addition to all that, maintenance works tend to take place at weekends. We strongly recommend that you check on the TFL website and/or the National Rail website as appropriate. 


Doors will open at 2pm. First bell at 4pm, interval halfway through, and we should be wrapped up by 8pm at the latest. 


There will be a full range of PROGRESS merch on sale (shirts, scarves, hats, DVDs) and you'll probably find a bunch of wrestlers at the merch stand too. We take cash and card payments. 


If you want to ask about something we haven't covered here, find us on TwitterFacebook, or by email. Don't forget that the PROGRESS Fan Group is the place to go for any questions on show day.

See you on Sunday!