Info and FAQ: Sheffield, 10th December

We're back in Sheffield this Sunday for the first time in a year, and we're very excited. Here's some useful info...

Firstly - this is only our second time in this venue, and the first in 12 months, so there might be teething problems. If there are, please have some patience and give us some time to sort things out!

Please be aware that on a show day, we're incredibly busy and probably won't have time to answer queries, so we suggest that you head to the PROGRESS Fan Group where someone should be able to help you. Alternatively, you could talk to our Prog-Bot who can furnish you with all sorts of useful info.


Travis Banks (c) v Eddie Dennis - PROGRESS World Championship match 
Grizzled Young Veterans (c) v Moustache Mountain - PROGRESS Tag Team Championships match 
Pete Dunne (c) v Joseph Conners - WWE UK Championship match
Chris Brookes vs Matt Cross vs Mark Andrews
Flash Morgan Webster vs Chris Ridgeway 
Doug Williams' Open Challenge 
Pastor William Eaver vs Chuck Mambo vs Spike Trivet vs Jack Sexsmith vs Chief Deputy Dunne vs Mark Davis vs Kyle Fletcher vs Primate - 8 Man Scramble, winner earns a title match of their choosing


You will need your e-ticket to get into the show, either printed or on your phone. Printed is better because it scans more easily. Nothing else will be accepted - no payment receipts, no "my mate got my ticket for me", no notes from your mum. 
If you haven't got your ticket, you can resend it to yourself right here

Our system issues one e-ticket regardless of how many actual tickets were purchased. If you have more than 1 ticket and your group isn't coming in at the same time - please make sure that every person coming in has the barcode to scan. Again - printed is better, but a screengrab on your phone will be OK.

If you bought your tickets via Ticketweb or Ticketmaster, you'll need either the e-ticket or the paper ticket that you opted for. 

O2 PRIORITY ENTRY will be available for anyone lucky enough to have it.


If you have a seated ticket, you'll find the seats are colour-coded according to ticket tier. 
Front Row seats have a white band - the front row of the stage is also classified as front row seating. 
Gold seats are Rows 2 and 3 on the floor. They will have a gold band on;  
Regular seats are anything from Row 4 back on the floor, and Row 2 back on the stage. They will have a purple band on. 

It really helps us if you know what kind of ticket you've bought, and that you sit in the right area. The show is sold out, so if there is someone sitting in the wrong place, that means someone else isn't in the seat that they paid for.


The O2 Academy is at 37-43 Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PN. Click here for a map. Sheffield rail station is less than 10 minutes' walk.
If you're driving, we have partnered with Q-Park to offer a 15% discount on car parking when attending this show. Simply pre-book your parking here with promo code PT1217SLAM. The nearest Q-Park to the venue is on Charles Street, under 10 minutes' walk from the O2 Academy. 


Doors will open at 2pm. First bell at 3pm, interval halfway through, and we should be wrapped up by 7pm at the latest. 


There will be a full range of PROGRESS merch on sale (shirts, hoodies, scarves, calendars etc) and you'll probably find a bunch of wrestlers at the merch stand too. We take cash and card payments, wrestlers prefer cash. 


If you want to ask about something we haven't covered here, find us on Twitter, Facebook, or by email. Don't forget that the PROGRESS Fan Group is the place to go for any questions on show day.

See you on Sunday!