PROGRESS shows outside London in 2019

The question we've been asked more than any other in the latter half of 2018 is when we'll be returning to Manchester or Sheffield. So, we figured it would be easier to get our situation down in writing rather than repeating ourselves or expecting people to scroll back through months of social media posts :-) 

We're putting non-London dates in, quarter by quarter, for 2019. The intention is to book these as a full Saturday/Sunday weekend of shows.

So, for the first quarter (Q1) of the year, we go to Bournemouth for the first time on the 9th March, and we return to Birmingham on the 10th March

The reason for this change in approach is because we (Jim, Jon and Glen) don't know what our non-PROGRESS commitments are more than 3-6 months ahead. Given a choice of booking dates in with venues a year ahead and then potentially having to change them (possibly even once tickets are on sale) due to scheduling conflicts, vs booking one full weekend of shows every quarter at relatively short notice, we've opted for the latter.

One of the knock-on effects of this approach is that our regular non-London venues (ie the O2 Ritz in Manchester, and the O2 Academies in Birmingham and Sheffield) may not be available for the dates that we are. We will always look to return to our regular haunts where possible, but it does potentially mean that the chances of us heading to new cities are now higher than ever before. It all depends on venue availability, once we know which weekend we want to run in that particular quarter of the year. We have good contacts with good venues in a few cities that we haven't run before, and we're always open to venues coming to us or to fans linking us with a suitable venue. 

We aim to have the Q2 non-London weekend booked by the end of January 2019, once JJG know what their non-PROGRESS commitments are and we've identified dates on which we want to run. 

Any questions / venue suggestions please hit us up on Twitter or Facebook