Tune into Chapter 47 wherever you are

It's a PROGRESS Sunday... and it's Chapter 47: Complicated Simplicity! 

If you're not here with us... stand by your devices and we'll have you covered through the day.

Chapter 47 Pre-Show on FACEBOOK LIVE
Join commentators RJ Singh and Glen Joseph for the CHAPTER 46 PRE-SHOW. Weather-dependent, this will either be live from the queue at around 1.30pm, or from indoors at around 2.30pm. facebook.com/progresswrestling 

The start of the show on PERISCOPE
It's been a month since we did a show here at home, and we've missed you! Join us for the start of the show at 4pm - find us at periscope.tv/ThisIs_Progress (or search for ThisIs_Progress in the Periscope app).

We'll stream one match in full on FACEBOOK LIVE
As usual, at the time of writing we haven't decided which match we're going to stream live, so stay tuned to our social media feeds through the day and we'll let you know what time to tune in (and you can even get a notification when we go live).
facebook.com/progresswrestling, anytime from 4pm

For non-spoiler content during the day, find us on INSTAGRAM STORIES (search for ThisIs_Progress). 

As always, if there's no data signal, these plans go to shit. Fingers crossed it'll be OK.