We're in Manchester today. Join us from afar...

Chapter 45: Galvanize is today. It's our first time back in Manchester for 6 months and we're very excited - but if you're not in the Ritz with us, we've got you covered.

Chapter 45 Pre-Show on FACEBOOK LIVE
Join commentators Glen Joseph and Callum Leslie for the CHAPTER 45 PRE-SHOW, previewing today's event and answering your questions. 
facebook.com/progresswrestling at approx 1.30pm

The start of the show on PERISCOPE
We'll be live on Periscope for the start of the show at 3pm. Find us at periscope.tv/ThisIs_Progress (or search for ThisIs_Progress in the Periscope app).

We'll stream one match in full on FACEBOOK LIVE
We'll be live-streaming one of today's matches. We haven't decided which one yet, so keep an eye on our social media feeds through the day and we'll let you know what time to tune in (and you can even get a notification when we go live).
facebook.com/progresswrestling, anytime from 4pm

During the day you'll find us on SNAPCHAT (search for ThisIs_Progress) and INSTAGRAM STORIES (again, search for ThisIs_Progress). Each feed is SPOILER-FREE and each has different and exclusive content, so make sure you're following both! 

As always, these plans are signal-dependent. No signal means no live content. Hopefully it'll be fine though :-)